Digital Conference System

Chairman Unit Delegate Unit
Chairman Unit Delegate Unit
Board meeting at PCCW
Meeting at Environmental Protection Department


  • Original MCA-STREAM digital audio processing and transmitting technology
  • Increased reliability with "Closed Loop - Daisy Chain" connection topology, supports "PnP"
  • Equipped with optical fiber interface to combine two widely separated conference rooms to form one unique coherent system

PA System Equipment Details

Speaker YAMAHA TF5 Mixer Wireless microphone
JBL Speaker YAMAHA TF5 Mixer Shure Wireless microphone
Amplifier Digital recording
Crown Amplifier Roland Digital recording

Equipment details:

  • JBL Speaker
  • YAMAHA Mixer
  • Shure Wireless microphone
  • Crow Amplifier
  • Roland Digital recording

Tour Guide System

Mengniu internal meeting
Mengniu internal meeting
西九文化區「M+進行:藝活」展覽 立法會新加坡職務訪問
“Mobile M+: Live Art” Exhibition at West Kowloon District The Legislative Council duty visit at Singapore


  • Compact in size; easy to carry; can be used during small trainings, site visits, outdoor inspections/tours
  • Can also be used if the venue size is small or unable to provide room for setting up SI booth
  • Reception range: radius of 70 to 100 meters; signal can transmit through walls and glasses
  • Digital transmission with clear and stable voice